Implanted on an area of 1,000,000 m², the construction taking 15,000 m² built (tier deck boxes, VIP areas, business areas, administration, restaurants, and television newsrooms, underground parking, motor museum and themed shops). The circuit will 5,200 ml with alternative routes and a main straight stretch of 900 ml to 1,500 ml for testing preseason test.

We propose a project based on the principles bioclimatic and energy self-sufficiency with low maintenance costs. The planting of native plant species will be totally. Large ponds will be constructed rainwater harvesting.

It projects a unique building designed as a large open and airy pergola supported by curved pillars coated galvanized steel and “green” tissue formed by copper so as to achieve optimal integration into the landscape in which it is located.

Initiative and contruction totally private. Indicative budget of wok 189 million €